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How Yerra Helps

With leading technology and dedicated servers located in Switzerland, Yerra offers the ability to host review projects of any size and complexity with the assurance of compliance with Swiss and international data protection regulations. Clients have the option of using Yerra’s experienced attorneys or having internal reviewers work in the hosted environment to perform the review . Our expert investigators provide additional value in complex cases.

While corporations and law firms have many options for hosting eDiscovery projects, Yerra offers critical advantages for international organizations and cross-border projects.

More than Just Multi-Level Review

Our focus on heavily regulated industries and operating in tightly controlled data jurisdictions means that we have subject matter experts that provide legal opinion on issues in cases.

Where traditional hosting providers focus on bulk first-pass review of decisions, our teams utilize both technology and expertise. They minimize data sets as much as possible while completing defensible complex reviews and quality control checks in as few passes as possible.

In-Country Data Handling for Switzerland

Swiss data protection and banking regulations are some of the strictest in the world and generally prohibit the movement of data related to Swiss citizens or entities out of the country. This has made it challenging and difficult for Swiss corporations to take advantage of the benefits of outsourced eDiscovery and investigation solutions.

Our facilities change this and also offer international law firms a more effective way to serve Swiss clients. Yerra hosts client data on our own servers in our own racks at a secure data center that meets the tightest physical and logical data security standards. We also provide a secured document-review facility in Switzerland from which to conduct in- country reviews when necessary.


Specialized Teams

Yerra serves many types of clients, and our teams have been tested and proven in some of the most complex industries such as financial and pharmaceutical services. Whether working directly with the corporation or with law firms representing them, Yerra’s investigators and reviewers have the experience and flexibility to meet the needs of the most complex projects.

We specialize in cases that require international experience, whether it be language skills or subject matter expertise on the local culture and regulations. We offer global capabilities with fully-staffed, available-on-demand secure review facilities in Switzerland, Singapore and the UK.


It is often simply accepted that processing and hosting reviews is expensive. We challenge that assumption by providing clear and transparent pricing that enables
accurate cost forecasting and management.

Unlike most other service-providers, we do not layer separate project management fees across our service. This is included as part of the standard service we provide to all our clients.

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