Rajitha Boer

Founder, President & CEO


Rajitha Boer founded Yerra Solutions in 2013 after nearly two decades of experience working with the legal and IP departments of major international corporations. She started the company with the belief that there is more to consulting services than template-based solutions and billable hours and that a company can prosper while creating a positive impact on its clients, employees and communities. Rajitha has provided dozens of Global Fortune 500 companies with expertise related to defining and executing technology and operational strategies and comes highly recommended by some of the largest organizations in the world.

Rajitha began her career as a software developer with intellectual property solutions provider Master Data Center, which was acquired by Thomson. She spent several years managing products for Thomson before joining the legal technology company Datacert (later acquired by Wolters Kluwer).

During her seven year tenure at Datacert, she worked closely with global clients to evaluate legal and IP operations and implement technology. The role of VP-Strategic Accounts eventually took her to Europe to lead the company’s EMEA operations. Her entrepreneurial spirit drove Ms. Boer to strike out on her own and start Yerra Solutions. The company began in 2013 with her and a single client and now employs over 120 people on three continents working in the areas of legal, eDiscovery and intellectual property.

Rajitha holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Information Systems and Financial Management and a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems. She is the recipient of a Finance Monthly CEO Award, was named 2016 UK game changer of the Year by ACQ (Acquisition Finance) Magazine and received a 2017 Stevie Award for Woman of the Year.


Jerome Raguin

Chief Growth & Strategy Officer


Jerome Raguin has been working with in-house legal departments in Europe, Asia and North America for nearly fifteen years. The experience gained in helping over 75 legal and IP departments to become more efficient has given him a solid understanding of best practices in legal operations, process and technology.

He is applying that knowledge at Yerra in the role of Chief Growth & Strategy Officer, ensuring the company manages its rapid growth in a way that best benefits clients and facilitates further expansion. Because of his background, Jerome is also highly engaged with Yerra clients. He specializes in legal business processes and the technologies that support them. His experience includes advising large, global organizations in creating target operating models, selecting the right technologies, gaining cost transparency and reduction and executing change management initiatives.

Jerome is a specialist in legal technology solutions and is the founder of Lex Connect, an educational and benchmarking platform for legal and IP departments. Yerra acquired Lex Connect in 2016. Jerome speaks four languages, holds multiple advanced degrees and is currently pursuing an LLM in International Dispute Resolution from the University of London. 



Josie Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer


Josie Johnson has over fifteen years of experience marketing to and planning events for the in-house legal community. Prior to becoming Chief Marketing Officer for Yerra Solutions, Josie served in marketing leadership roles at three software companies serving the corporate legal and finance markets, including Datacert (now part of Wolters Kluwer), HighRadius and Prodagio.

Josie has also worked as a consultant to legal software and service providers through Edge Legal Marketing. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Houston and lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and two children.






Will Wilkinson

Managing Director, eDiscovery & Investigation Solutions


Will Wilkinson has been helping organizations access data for forensic investigations, eDiscovery and commercial data recovery since 1997. This has included civil litigation, criminal proceedings, regulatory-driven investigations, compliance and internal investigations.

 Having worked across multiple jurisdictions for clients, Will is particularly well versed in understanding issues such as data privacy, cross-border transferral of data and the difficulties of competing demands from different legislative environments.

This broad range of experience, including giving Expert Testimony in court, means Will is well placed to help our clients navigate the mine-field that eDiscovery and data-related investigations can be.