Basel, Switzerland

Yerra is a Swiss company with headquarters in the country's third-largest city. Basel is central to every major business hub in Europe, home to a vibrant pharmaceutical industry and a short train ride to Zurich, a major global financial center. The city sits at the point where three countries – Switzerland, Germany and France – come together. There is a multi-national, multi-cultural environment that has nurtured Yerra as we have grown to become a multi-national, multi-cultural organization ourselves.

Our founder believes Basel is the perfect place for Yerra's global headquarters. 
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Newcastle, UK 

Many Yerra clients are based in London or have major operations in the city, and many of our leading experts call the London area home. The energy of the city fuels our UK business, but when it came time to open a Center of Excellence to drive our managed services, Newcastle was a perfect choice due to its large, well-educated labor pool.  

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Singapore has been Southeast Asia's most modern city for over a century. Singapore's business culture closely mirrors that of Switzerland, and many Swiss companies also have major operations in this Asian city. Given this, it was the obvious choice to be the launching pad for Yerra's APAC presence, which has grown tremendously since opening our office here in 2015. 

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New York City

New York is a global financial services hub, which makes it the perfect place to base our US operations. Many of our largest clients are here and the vibrancy of the city reflects the dynamic #YerraLife culture. The area's proximity to many financial and pharmaceutical headquarters makes it convenient for serving our clients in the US.  

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Hong Kong 

After opening our APAC headquarters in Singapore, Hong Kong was the logical next choice for expansion. This vibrant, densely populated urban center is a major port and global financial hub. Innovation is in the city's DNA, making it a perfect match for what Yerra has to offer our clients.  


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