What is the IP Magic Triangle?

The Yerra IP Magic Triangle is a technology-driven approach that provides a consolidated view of the links between all data and documents relevant to an organization's IP assets. It solves a primary problem faced by IP centric organizations and enables those organizations to stay on top of contractual obligations, maintain compliance with regulatory standards and unlock the hidden savings and revenue potential buried in contract data. By linking information from IP, Legal and the Business, risks to the IP portfolio and related contracts are mitigated and revenue is maximized.


How does it work?

By combining deep expertise and industry leading technology, Yerra’s consultants work with you to identify relevant data that may be held in legal, IP or other business systems. Once data sources are identified, the process of building critical linkages begins. If necessary, Yerra's IP experts can help you define a brand and product heirarchy and relate it to your IP asset portfolio. Once this data "triangle" is setup, Yerra offers ongoing services to maintain the critical linkages and monitor your entire IP portfolio and related contracts for risks or unrecognized revenue. 

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IP Magic Triangle

Better Manage Intellectual Property

  • Build the brand and product hierarchy and syntax.
  • Link product hierarchy to IP asset portfolio.
  • Mine contractual assets and obligations for key data and match them against the product hierarchy and IP assets.

Result: ability to obtain holistic view of data from any perspective (legal, IP or product) thereby mitigating risk and allowing for value maximization.