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A general introduction to GDPR, our GDPR Readiness survey results and key questions to measure your preparation. The GDPR Software Market Report  consists of a general market analysis – to identify key features and considerations – and a vendor analysis with a list of vendors in this space which could help you prepare for the GDPR. 

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GDPR Report Preview
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How does the report help to Solve your Issues?

Each company’s offering is broken down with key background information, as well as functional scope and deployment options (the profile overview is shown below). Then, companies are compared on the basis of depth of offering for GDPR needs versus cross-functional benefits.
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Which companies are analysed?

We have analysed all solutions which touch on the key feature areas of GDPR software (Information Governance, Policies Management, Impact Assessments, Monitoring, Case Management, and
Incident Response). Some companies offer solutions to certain aspects of GDPR compliance “niche solutions” whereas there are also purpose built end-to- end GDPR solutions with larger functional scope. We believe that greatest ROI is gained when your company’s pain points (not just for GDPR) are mapped against any solutions offering.

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How are the 30+ Vendors selected?

Lex Connect by Yerra Solutions is the largest directory of Legal and RegTech technology solutions on the market. Our analysts leverage this tool, along with extensive research, to create a list of vendors which meet the requirements of GDPR.

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Who is the report compiled by?

The report was compiled by Yerra’s subject matter experts with a view to analysing the market, key vendors, and the scope of their solutions.

01 Standard Package


  • GDPR General Overview
  • GDPR Readiness Survey Results
  • GDPR Readiness Questionnaire
  • Software Market Overview
  • Key Features & Considerations
  • Geographical Overview
  • Vendors A-Z
  • Functional Analysis (Scope of Offering – GDPR vs. Cross-Functional)
  • Best Practices in Software Selection – A How to Guide
  • Conversation with Yerra Analyst to Review Report


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02 Additional Services


  • Entire standard package contents
  • 2 Hour Consulting Session with Yerra Analyst to Review Report
  • Comparative Analysis and Best-Fit Based on Key Client Needs
  • Personalised Report







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