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How Yerra Helps
Consulting & Tech-Enabled Managed Services

Yerra’s experts advise on and implement compliance management and review programs for companies in highly-regulated industries like financial services and pharmaceuticals.

Challenges posed by ever-evolving regulations and different jurisdictional requirements are especially burdensome and costly for global organizations. Many Yerra clients are in highly-regulated, security-focused industries such as financial services and pharmaceuticals.

Our compliance services meet the needs of these demanding clients by covering three key areas: Regulatory Compliance, Financial Crimes (KYC/AML) and Data Compliance. We combine rich consulting capabilities with technology-driven managed services to drive consistency and efficiency in global compliance operations and related investigations. 

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Worldwide Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Solid Frameworks & Risk Protection

Regulatory compliance should not be a reactive function. Make your organization a beacon of compliance excellence by putting a solid proactive framework in place. This will not only protect you from risk but also give you a competitive advantage. Yerra’s compliance services help you at every step, from establishing a strong compliance framework to providing expert regulatory investigation expertise when a regulatory inquiry arises.

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 Financial Crimes Compliance (KYC/AML)
Expertise, Processes & Manpower

All financial services organizations have complex processes, multiple policies and systems to help them handle KYC, AML and similar activities. Yerra's experts help to unravel complexity in these processes and setup more efficient policies and operations around Financial Crimes Compliance. Our technology-driven managed services teams provide additional manpower to fully enforce the policies and better manage, and leverage, the flood of data coming out of monitoring systems. 

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A Deeper Look at Compliance
Data Compliance for All

Data Compliance

Consistent Processes & Solid Cybersecurity Strategy

Deploying and enforcing consistent processes to manage the intake, maintenance and deletion of personal data is imperative in the face of regulations like the EU GDPR. Having a solid cybersecurity strategy is also critical, as failing to protect the data in sensitive systems that are vulnerable to cyber and financial crime poses significant reputational and regulatory risk. Yerra can guide you through the process of setting data privacy processes, and our cybersecurity experts can assist with identifying weaknesses in your networks and applying strategies to correct them. 

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How Yerra is Different

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Yerra is a truly global company founded in Switzerland. We have staff operating at client sites and Yerra offices in 6 countries across 3 continents. We understand compliance issues both at the local level and in a global context. Our experts have worked with, and as, regulators in Europe, North America and Asia.

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We believe that preparation and remediation are as critical to building a successful regulatory framework as is the response to a regulatory demand or incident. Yerra works with clients to establish proactive practices that protect against risk and give you a competitive advantage. We do provide services specific to a certain regulatory investigation or incident, but many clients also engage us for longer-term compliance strategy and monitoring work.

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Yerra’s compliance experts have worked in corporate environments, regulatory bodies and law enforcement and have experience working with a wide range of situations – from active regulatory investigations to monitorships. Our expert-led, technology-driven managed services teams provide supplemental controls for documentation quality control and investigations.

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Yerra is committed to ensuring that our clients get value for money on our services and across their entire compliance operations, initially and on a continuous basis. We respect the uniqueness of every organization and the nuances of different global cultures, enabling us to forge long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

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