Why Work for Us?

  • Our Philosophy
    Open communication and partnership is applied to every Yerra engagement and has resulted in rapid growth both within our existing client base and expansion beyond.

  • We Hire Passionate, Determined People
    We empower creativity that delivers innovation to the legal, IP and eDiscovery markets. We foster a positive work environment and encourage active corporate and individual involvement in our communities.

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Yerra's History

The company was founded by legal and IP operations expert Rajitha Boer on 18 March 2013, the birth date of her eldest son. Rajitha’s goal was to not only grow a successful and thriving company but also create a positive impact in the lives of our employees and communities.

The focus in building the management team has been to hire people with highly specialized backgrounds, strong business networks and a commitment to the Yerra philosophy. As a result, the company is managed by a group of people with shared goals and vision. There is a high level of trust that fosters a true sense of teamwork and comradery throughout the company.


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Yerra Values

We believe growth and client satisfaction is achieved through partnership, mutual respect and consistent excellence. These are the values, along with a strong foundation of knowledge and experience, which will make us the most respected and fastest-growing provider of legal, IP and eDiscovery solutions.