Yerra’s Own GDPR Journey (Phase 1)

May 26, 2017 1:02:20 PM



Hi! I'm Tobias, Yerra's Legal Director. As a responsible professional, I want to remain informed about what is discussed in the communities around me. As you have probably noticed, a scary ghost called GDPR has been taking over these conversations. It has become almost impossible to refresh my LinkedIn feed without finding a new article about how tough the implementation of this new European Regulation will be on companies all around the globe.

Of course, this news is good news for Yerra Solutions, because getting other companies ready for the era of GDPR is part of our business. However, as the leader of our in-house legal department, it is my job to make sure that we not only focus on prepping others but also do our own housekeeping. Like every other company, we need to analyse our operations to be able to identify the adjustments that we have to make. The idea behind this blog series is to describe the different steps that we as a global company undertake on our way to GDPR compliance in hopes that our experience could help our readers.

Before we start, there are two things to understand about GDPR:

(1) it will certainly be inconvenient to a lot of companies as the Regulation requires them to change well-known systems and comfortable processes; and

(2) even if the Regulation might create some headaches: there are solutions to the problems at hand and these solutions don’t have to be overly complex.

For me, the journey begins by building the right team. Getting a whole organization ready for GDPR is not a one-person-job. At the least, when you hit “print” on the actual text of the regulation and your printer can’t stop providing more and more pages of tiny text, you will be happy to have some help. For this and all the other tasks that follow, multiple hands, eyes and brains are essential.

I have been fortunate. Our own Will Wilkinson, a Yerra GDPR expert, will be my wing man. Together with Will and a third internal lawyer, we have a small but dedicated and competent team to tackle this ghost.

Step 1: Don’t be scared and grab yourself your own team of ghostbusters!

Follow the Yerra blog for future updates of Tobias’ GDPR Journey. To learn more about GDPR, download our infographic or email for information about how we can help you prepare.

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