Why the 'IP Magic Triangle'?

May 24, 2017 4:07:44 PM


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The naming process for a new offering can take months. Marketing teams agonize over the perfect words. Yerra’s new IP Magic Triangle Solution was surprisingly not difficult.

For such a complex solution, developed for such a complex client profile, the process was quite short. We have incredible depth of IP expertise at Yerra, but not all of us on the management team go far beyond a surface understanding of the challenges IP professionals face. So, when the solution was being explained by our IP experts to us “laymen”, a triangle was drawn to portray the three sides of an organization that is involved in managing intellectual property assets and the data related to that portfolio. One side for the business, one for the legal department and one for the IP department.

Each side cares about different elements of an IP data set. IP worries about patent rights, TM protection, claim scope and market exclusivity. Legal looks after contractual obligations, royalties and risk. And, the business cares about product and brands and their value. Bring all three of these together, merging the data sets and gaining visibility into the full picture, and it becomes a “Magic Triangle” our experts said. And there it was…the name!

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