Why Attend Yerra Conference?

Jul 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM


With the number of in-house legal, legal technology, eDiscovery, IP, compliance and similar conferences existing today, choosing which to attend can be overwhelming. With budget and other factors to consider, it can be difficult to reach a conclusion on which conference will benefit your business. Why should you consider attending Yerra Conference? A brief history and a preview of this year’s upcoming events in Singapore and London might help you to understand the value that has led many attendees to return year after year.

The speakers for this year’s Yerra Conferences come from government, the press, and major corporations like UBS, Roche, Credit Suisse, BT, Standard Chartered Bank, Nissan, and Unilever. The Singapore Conference keynote speaker is Roy Teo, Director, FinTech & Innovation at the Monetary Authority of Singapore. In London, attendees will enjoy the riveting whistleblowing story of Michael Woodford, told in the style of a John Grisham novel, as well as a motivational talk about risk and decision making from professional poker player and businessman, Caspar Berry. We’ve built in some time for fun as well, with a wine tasting networking reception in Singapore, history lessons in both locations and a poker clinic lead by a world-championship player and risk expert in London.


As long as there has been Yerra, there has been Yerra Conference. The event has grown with the company, starting in London in 2013 and expanding to Singapore in 2016. The event is wholly underwritten by Yerra for our clients and the in-house legal, IP, compliance and eDiscovery communities. This means you won’t have to contend with a hall full of vendors or wonder if the person you’re chatting with intends to sell you something. This also means that the presentations won’t be laced with subtle (or not so subtle) sales and marketing messages from the top sponsors as many other conference sessions are. The sessions are designed by our clients for their peers, and the keynote speakers that we bring in are selected purely because their message will provide value to attendees. Time for networking and discussion is ample, and the venues are selected for their uniqueness and relevance to the history and culture of London and Singapore (no boring hotel ballrooms here!). There is no cost to attend, so the only investment you’ll make is your time. We fully respect the value of that time and take great care to craft an agenda that will give you a strong ROI.

You can see presentations, videos and details of past events here.


While we cover a wide range of topics at every Yerra Conference, each year sees an underlying theme running through the content. In 2017, this theme is managing risk in the face of uncertainty. Multi-national organizations are facing more uncertainty than ever, and it is emanating from several fronts. Of course, there are the geopolitical forces at play, creating uncertainty around regulation and making compliance more difficult and more important than ever. There is also the ever-present uncertainty around budgets and how to maintain a certain level of quality in servicing the legal, IP, eDiscovery and compliance needs of one’s organization without breaking the bank. While technology offers incredible opportunity to advance efficiency and innovation, it also presents a form of risk in that there is so much to choose from and any misstep in selection or implementation can lead to more issues than what the technology was originally meant to solve. The sessions at Yerra Conference APAC and Europe are designed to give practical advice on how to identify and manage risk in these areas and respond to incidents in the best possible way. We hope you will join us this year!

To see the details on both conferences and register, click here.

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