What We Learned at Legaltech…or Legalweek

Feb 8, 2017 3:09:24 PM

Another Legaltech Show has come to an end, and this year saw a lot of changes. The event rebranded itself to Legalweek, with Legaltech being one of a number of sub-conferences going on. There seemed to be fewer exhibitors but more quality attendees, perhaps a result of the consolidation in the eDiscovery market over the last few years. The Yerra booth was busy and we hosted a session on compliance and eDiscovery and a great party called Yerra Games, a tradition we plan to continue! Here are some of our key takeaways from this year’s show.

  1. People want more control over eDiscovery. Our message about bringing eDiscovery in-house with a trusted partner continues to resonate with the attendees we spoke to from corporate legal departments. We know that our clients buy into the idea and were glad to see the positive reaction from other large corporations we met at the show. Read more about our managed services for eDiscovery here.

  2. There is still a lot of interest in legal spend management. It might seem like “old hat”, but the need to properly manage and control outside counsel spend is still top of mind for in-house legal operations professionals. While it isn’t getting the kind of play it used to in the sessions, the people we spoke to still expressed a great need and interest in implementing legal eBilling and legal spend management or improving the use of systems that are already in place. The need is particularly great amongst legal departments in Europe and Asia and those with limited internal administrative resources who might need support for legal invoice review in addition to software. Read more about our solutions for legal spend management here.

  3. IP professionals were there in force. We were surprised by the number of people we talked to who work in the IP departments of large corporations. Perhaps it was an interest in our IP offerings in general, or just more were in attendance, but we had a lot of great conversations around IP strategy, implementing or optimizing IP technology and controlling IP spend. Read more about our IP services here.

  4. GDPR what? There is a general lack of understanding about the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the US. To the extent that people know what it is, many don’t fully get the ramifications. This is not unique to the US. We are working with European clients on GDPR understanding and readiness as well. Yerra is well-positioned as a Swiss-based, global company to help lead the in-house legal and compliance communities on this issue, and we plan to do just that in 2017. Click here to download our infographic on GDPR basics.

  5. Cybersecurity is the new buzzword. A dozen years ago this was said about “eDiscovery” but now it is the word “cybersecurity” that has been added to many booths and session titles. We attended an intriguing session with ACEDS and Tru Staffing Partners about the transition of the eDiscovery profession into cybersecurity. They had some interesting things to say, and made the point that the word and concept of cybersecurity has made it into the public consciousness in a way that eDiscovery never has. How that will bode for our niche industry will be interesting. Yerra’s consultants are constantly dealing with issues around cybersecurity and data privacy, especially given the strict regulations in Europe. We look forward to helping our clients better understand the challenges and implement smart solutions as the issue grows more important.

  6. People still like Asteroids! After the sessions and walking the exhibit hall (and waiting for the Hilton elevators), over 100 people came out to play at the Yerra Games party. Old school video games, skee ball, bowling and a photo booth helped make the party one of the most unique and fun experiences at the show…or so we were told! We can’t wait to see everyone next year.

If any of these topics are of interest to you, please consider attending Yerra Conference this year in London or Singapore. Join the interest list for updates as planning and the agenda progress.