Technology Solutions

Yerra offers a diverse set of technology solutions designed to simplify complex workflows, control legal and IP spend, provide greater visibility and better analytics and help you find best-fit systems that will work for your department.

Lex Connect

Lex Connect

Running a legal or IP department is challenging. Lex Connect by Yerra Solutions can help.

In house legal professionals must maintain an understanding of a wide array of both legal and operational concepts to run a law department and protect the assets and interests of an organisation

The Lex Connect Knowledge Centre offers definitions and best practices for the most important components of running a legal department. Each of these categories are covered at

How does it work?

A Comprehensive Knowledge Centre keeps in-house professionals informed about best practices.

Solution Finder helps identify solutions to solve your in-house legal department challenges.

Our curated reading list keeps you up-to-date on important legal news and trends.

Our In-House Profiler captures data on the vendors and technology in-house legal and IP departments use, enabling better benchmarking

Yerra Clearly

Yerra Clearly

Whether you have an eBilling or legal spend management solution in place, or need to implement one, Yerra Clearly will simplify the legal and IP billing and reporting process.

How does it work?

Portal for accepting electronic bills and LEDES files from law firms and agents anywhere in the world.

Reporting engine to pull together critical data from disparate systems to generate a clear and holistic picture of your spend and does not require difficult integrations.
Available managed services staff to administer the system and support law firms and agents.

Available invoice review staff to add an extra layer of scrutiny to legal bills to optimize cost savings.

Depending on your needs, Yerra Clearly can function as a standalone solution or can be added to an existing technology portfolio to improve eBilling, Legal Spend Management or Enterprise Legal Management systems currently in place.

Implementation time is typically days or weeks, not months or years in the case of more complex systems requiring difficult integrations.

Operations Management Solutions

Operations Management Solutions

These flexible applications simplify workflow for common operational processes, making them more efficient and less subject to missed requests and deadlines.

Matter Intake

Captures critical data about newly created matters, ensuring consistency for reporting and analysis.

Services Request

Enables stakeholders to initiate requests to the legal, eDiscovery or IP teams, eliminating emails and phone calls that often get lost or overlooked.

Contract Review Request

Simplifies the process to request the review or creation of contracts and making it easier to capture key contract inputs from business stakeholders.

Law Firm Management Solutions

Law Firm Management Solutions

These flexible applications increase visibility into law firm relationships and performance and simplify the outside counsel management process.

Rates Management

Enables easy comparison of agreed upon vs. billed rates.

Panel Management

Organizes the process of evaluating and managing the performance of your panel firms.

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