eDiscovery Services

Yerra offers solutions that improve all aspects of your eDiscovery operations and cover the full EDRM. Our eDiscovery and computer forensics experts deliver results that will improve the quality of your discovery productions, drive down costs and increase visibility into the entire process. Our services are highly scalable and can handle any volume of data or frequency of requests, given to you with predictable, transparent pricing.




Yerra’s experienced consultants work with your legal department and other stakeholders on a variety of advisory engagements, including reviewing internal operations to develop a strategic Target Operating Model, gathering requirements for new systems, evaluating vendors and managing implementations.

We cover all operational areas and technologies critical to running a global legal department and help manage the changes critical to success.

Managed Services

Managed Services

eDiscovery is both constant and unpredictable, making it impractical for organizations to maintain full-time staff to handle it internally. This is why many large, international companies choose to let Yerra handle it.

Our experienced professionals become a seamless part of your team and deliver efficient services and quality, defensible results for each step in the EDRM, along with end-to-end eDiscovery case management and in-depth analytics.

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

While Yerra can work with any eDiscovery platform, we offer our own review and processing engine powered by Nuix.

We also offer sophisticated analytics to compile data on the eDiscovery process, costs and other key parameters, helping you better understand your eDiscovery operations and find ways to make them more efficient.


Yerra Solutions is proud to partner with global technology company Nuix to empower the corporate trend to bring eDiscovery operations in-house. The Nuix Platform, combined with Yerra’s ability to bridge the gap between global legal and IT teams, allows corporations to derive the benefits of bringing eDiscovery in-house while avoiding the traditional pitfalls of doing so.

Yerra utilizes the Nuix Engine in support of its managed services teams to enhance handling of large, complex datasets and speed processing time. Yerra also provides consulting and configuration services to help new and existing Nuix clients optimize their use of the technology. Nuix’s cutting-edge technology partnered with Yerra’s people and processes allows in-house eDiscovery operations to run smoothly and efficiently.

To learn more about the Nuix Platform visit their website. To learn more about Yerra’s Nuix related offerings then please email us.




Yerra Solutions is an affiliate member of the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists. ACEDS is the leading certification program for eDiscovery professionals. All of the members of our eDiscovery managed services teams are either certified by ACEDS or in process of taking certification exams.