At Yerra Solutions, we have highly specialized expertise in law and IP operations and technology. Our approach is to fully understand your team and objectives, craft a custom strategic solution and work with you to execute its implementation.

We were founded with the philosophy that law and IP departments face unique complexities and require custom solutions to deliver the continuous value that enables their organisations to achieve great things. With Yerra Solutions, you can be confident that we are as committed to your team’s success as you are.

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Yerra Solutions AG has a network of experts with worldwide experience and respect. Meet a few of them.

Founder – Rajitha Boer  Icon_LinkedIn1
Rajitha Boer founded Yerra Solutions AG after 15+ years’ experience working with the law and IP departments of major international corporations. She started the company with the belief that there is more to consulting services than template-based solutions and billable hours. The driving force behind the company is a philosophy that one-size-does-not-fit-all when it comes to strategic solutions for law departments and IP departments. Boer has provided dozens of Fortune Global 500 companies with expertise related to defining and executing legal and IP technology and operational strategies and comes highly recommended by some of the largest organizations in the world. Boer holds a Masters of Business Administration in Information Systems and Financial Management and a Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems.

Director & Partner – Corinna Codd  Icon_LinkedIn1
The Yerra Solutions team is made up of highly experienced legal and IP professionals. One of these experts is Corinna Codd, a lawyer originally from England who has developed her skills in global law department management over 20+ years with leading international organizations, both private practice and in-house. In particular, Corinna’s expertise spans the core strategic and operational aspects of optimizing quality and productivity in a global legal function, with a main focus on leveraging the synergies between knowledge management, talent development, and spend, matter, and client/counsel management. Corinna recently created and led the Global Strategic Initiatives and Operations Group at Novartis International in Basel, Switzerland, as a key instrument to support the Group General Counsel in embedding functional excellence across the Novartis Legal matrix. Corinna graduated from St. John’s College, Oxford, where she read Latin and French, and completed her legal training at the Guildford College of Law in the UK.

Featured Consultant – David Brimacombe Icon_LinkedIn1
The Yerra Solutions team represents a range of talents, including corporate governance, which is a critical area of concern for all of our clients. David Brimacombe has served as consultant to major corporations, helping them to define and establish a broad range of corporate governance solutions including board evaluation, assessments, training, pre-IPO governance preparation, SME governance packages, charitable/foundation governance and NHS Trust Board evaluation, amongst others. He is also well-versed in legal operations best practices and helps clients minimize risk while improving efficiency. Prior to entering the consulting profession, David was a lawyer for nearly twenty years at Standard Charter Bank and ultimately served as the Head of Legal, Compliance & Regulatory Risk, West. He graduated from Aberystwyth University and holds a law degree from the College of Law Guildford.

Featured Consultant – Monika Naef Icon_LinkedIn1
The Yerra Solutions team relies on global perspective and expertise to serve our multinational clients. Monika Naef, a Swiss-British dual citizen raised in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Japan and Switzerland, worked for over 15 years as in-house legal counsel with global responsibilities within multinational pharmaceutical and chemical companies. She has been a self-employed partner in the law firm DUFOUR lawyers and public notary in Basel for more than 7 years. Monika also holds a degree from INSEAD Fontainebleau (Insead IEP F/S) and is in the process of completing certificate studies as a Global Certified Negotiator. Given her in-depth economic knowledge and negotiation experience, her main fields of activity include corporate law, contract law, labor law, anti-trust law, pharmaceutical law, intellectual property law and licensing. Monika graduated from Basel University and is a licensed attorney, admitted to the bar in Basel.

"We are thrilled to be working with Yerra Solutions. The expertise of Rajitha and her team and their understanding of the European market, is absolutely unmatched. The improvements made to our legal operations based on their work and recommendations have already contributed significantly to the achievement of our goals to better manage risk while being more efficient. Rajitha's philosophy that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for complex organisations like ours is obvious in the relationship we have built with Yerra Solutions. They truly take the time to understand our business and craft solutions tailored to our needs, and I expect this partnership to continue to grow and thrive over the long term."
Karin Brühlmann, Head of Controlling, IT & Services Group Patents at F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
"I have worked with Rajitha and her team on both strategic development and tactical plan implementation on a wide range of law department technologies. The depth and breadth of her knowledge of the subject matter is very impressive and is matched only by the organised and energetic approach she uses to help law departments use technology to add value. Especially impressive is her creativity and energy - she just won't quit on a tough question until she has the right answer for the client. Finally, she has superb people and communication skills which enable her to work very effectively with a wide range of people from an IT specialist to the General Counsel.
George L. Miller Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at Sigma-Aldrich Corporation

Legal Department Strategic Plan
Yerra Solutions can advise general counsel and staff on ways to improve an existing strategic plan or work with them to create one.

Legal Department Metrics
Identifying the correct legal metrics to measure and finding ways to benchmark performance is a challenge Yerra Solutions helps solve.

Legal Process Management
Legal departments should map and standardise processes as much as possible to become more efficient. Yerra Solutions teaches you best practices to achieve this, while considering your unique needs.

Patent Business Process
Mapping global business processes for managing a patent portfolio is a Yerra Solutions specialty.

Managing IP Agents
Yerra Solutions can help you identify and solve inefficiencies related to the management of a vast, global network of IP agents.

Legal Technology Implementation
Yerra Solutions will evaluate the current technology in use in your legal and IP departments – for example document management, knowledge management, matter management, spend management & ebilling - make recommendations for improvements and manage the implementation of any new systems.

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LegalIT Insider
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Association of Corporate Counsel Europe (ACCE)
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